Founder of International Jeet Kune Do Federation - Grand Master Mikhail Kim

Professor of Martial Arts Philosophy, Grand Master Mikhail P. Kim was born in Kokand in 1955. His experience in sports and martial arts is more than 40 years.

Grand Master Soke Mikhail Kim is the owner of the following ranks and titles: 

  • 10-dan by Jeet Kune Do Kim (MAA),
  • 10-dan in Jeet Kune Do Kim (WOMA),
  • 9-dan by the International Fighting Jeet Kune Do Union,
  • 9-dan by the Fighting Kung Fu (VAUBI),
  • 9-dan by Jeet Kune Do Kim (MASOBI),
  • 8-dan by Musul Taekwon Do,
  • 8-dan by Dekhan Hapkido,
  • 8-dan by Mudo-Do Kvan Hapkido,
  • 8-dan by Taekuk Mussul,
  • 8-dan by Turan-do,
  • 8-dan by Real Aikido,
  • 7-dan  Dzu Dzutsu,
  • 6-dan by Karate,
  • 5-dan by Kickboxing,
  • Master of sports on boxing and on Shoot fighting (fights without rules),
  • Master on the Philippine martial arts
  • SIFU (the higher rank in the Chinese martial arts), he recognized by the International Sifu Federation.

Some of the Sectificates

This person is sincerely betrayed to sports. M. Kim started his sports career in boxing. He repeatedly became the champion of USSR, republican and regional tournaments and competitions of 1980.

Having devoted ten years to boxing he had consistently mastered Karate, Kung-fu, Taekwon Do. Not being content with the experience obtained within many years he continued to improve his skill. In 1988 in the “Tashselmashovec” sports club M. Kim founded Taekwon Do section “Lotus”.

GM Mikhail Kim, Lubomir Vracherevich, Don Dragon Wilson
Awarding Jeet Kune Do certificate to Don Dragon Wilson by GM Mikhail Kim

Already having a black belt 1-dan given to him by founder of Taekwon Do, President of the International Federation of Taekwon Do, General Choy Hon Hi in 1991, M. Kim takes lessons from the instructor of the international class, the world champion on Taekvon-do Khan Ben Mu (the black belt, 5-dan) who had arrived in Uzbekistan from Korea, under the invitation from “Lotus” Center.

However M. Kim devoted the biggest part of his life to studying and development of Jeet Kune Do. Demonstration performances were arranged in Navoijsky region, in the city of Zaravshan and the festival of martial arts in Uchkuduk gathered more than 4 thousand spectators.

Open tournaments and championships on Jeet Kune Do Kim were annually held. Meetings with our nearest neighbors from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan were held. Pupils of M. Kim were practicing in China, in the centre of martial arts of Shao-Lin. Sports-fighting art Jeet Kune Do Kim has been widely spread during some years of its existence.

Nowadays divisions of the Jeet Kune Do Federation of Uzbekistan operate practically in each region of Uzbekistan. International Federation Jeet Kune Do Kim (its Founder and President was Michael Kim) has the representative offices in the CIS countries, the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, India.

Hundreds of pupils worldwide maintain friendly relations despite of their geographical site and proudly call Michael Kim as their Instructor.

Now Michael Kim’s recognition in the world of martial arts is indisputable, a lot of regalia awarded to him by various international authoritative organizations testify that.
Jeet Kune Do Seminare by GM Mikhail Kim
Jeet Kune Do Seminare by GM Mikhail Kim