Jeet Kune Do Kim

Jeet Kune Do Kim System is subdivided into sports section and the combat section covering all parties of real martial art and hand-to-hand fight.


1. Percussive technique:

Position of expectation, Jeet Kune Do Kim square up, carrying the body weight over from the foot on foot, movement, steps.

2. Protection technique:

Inclines, dives, drifts, delays, rigid and soft blocks.

3. Maneuvers and maneuvering: 

Deceptive actions, call, advancing, threat, developing attack.

4. Safe falling techniques: falling and rifts in standing, sitting, laying position.

5. Jeet Kune Do Boxing technique – 9 blows (3 straight blows, 3 lateral blows, 3 lower blows).

6. Operating time of serial blows by hands technique (starting with 2-strike series up to 9-strike series).

7. Jeet Kune Do Boxing – combat techniques:

  • Long distance
  • Average distance
  • Close distance

8.  Jeet Kune Do Wing Chun techniques:

  • 8 upper section techniques
  • 8 lower section techniques
  • 7 closing techniques
  • 9 opening techniques

Jeet Kune Do Kim Wing Chun techniques demonstration

9. Technique of working off the block – blows synchronously with the opponent:

A) from 3 direct blows
B) From 3 lateral blows
C) From 3 lower blows

10. Entering – exiting techniques:

  • Long distance
  • Middle distance
  • Close distance

11. Jeet Kune Do Kickboxing technique (low kick).

12. Blows by feet technique and protection against them.

13. Feet technique (fighting Taekwondo).

14. MUAY THAI technique (blows by elbows, knees, feet, rigid striking of all parts of the body).

15. Jeet Kune Do burst technique.

  • Technique of captures and protection against them.
  • Technique of rigid throws and protection against them.
  • Technique of inertial throws and protection against them.
  • Technique of attack and counter-attacks from various positions (sitting, laying, etc.).
  • Technique of suffocations, localizations and protection against them.

16. Combination of Jeet Kune Do – Wing Chun with the throw technique both in attack and in counter-attack.

17. Jeet Kune Do Kenbo Boxing technique.

18. Jeet Kune Do Kenbo Kickboxing technique.

19. Jeet Kune Do Kenbo Thaiboxing technique.

20. Jeet Kune Do Kenbo Thai Chi technique.

  • Practice with inner energy, meditation, breathing exercises, training and body striking, breaking hard objects.
  • Stimulation of biologically-active points JKD “Tsinana”.
  • Rehabilitation and relaxation.
  • Using of inner energy in throw technique.

Hard Qigong - Breaking the bricks by GM M. Kim